Closing loans quickly! It matters!


In the real estate business, time is of essence, and the ability to close a loan quickly is a winner for everyone involved – Sellers can move on, the buyer’s can close quicker & save money, and the professionals get paid! An article from Origination Insight about loan escrow timelines, says that closings have shortened […]

List of documents required for Loan Application


This list is of documents typically needed for a loan application. It varies from lender to lender, and some of the list below will not be necessary for your loan. Recently, bank & income information can be obtained electronically. Ask about details of how to best deliver this information when applying for a home loan. […]

Qualifying for a home loan – the basics

For many, getting a home loan seems very difficult & complicated. Our goal at Silverado Home Mortgage, is to make it easy and transparent. We accomplish that by working with the best lending sources, using the latest in technology. There are three main factors in getting loan approval: • your credit score – also known […]